Monday, August 03, 2015

Quilts from the lake by the forest

These are quilts from Ann of Forest Lake in the Brisbane-Ipswich corridor.  The hexagon quilt has been quilted with the budget loop-d-loop e2e machine quilting pattern and the purple floral quilt with the jasmine e2e.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Basting service also available

The first quilt is from Hazel of Toowoomba, who has utilised the KoolKat Quilting basting service to hold this quilt together while she does her own machine quilting.  Basting provides a quick and economic service that is a time saving alternative to pinning a quilt.  The second quilt is a striking colourful quilt from Marion, also from Toowoomba.  She chose the clover e2e machine quilting pattern in a beige thread.

KoolKat fabric prize winner

Congratulations to Gladys Hayward - you have won the $100 fabric prize draw for your referral by Jean Death and for sending us your quilt to be machine quilted by KoolKat Quilting. Also in your parcel is Bali Magic pattern and a $50 machine quilting voucher.  The offer is still available for this month.

Thank you for sending us your quilt.


 SAVE MONEY QUILTING!   If you are reading this, you are a valued customer of KoolKat Quilting. 

Maybe it’s a while since you had us quilt a quilt for you, or perhaps you haven’t had one done by us, but might like to. 

Perhaps you are a customer who always sends us your quilts and for that we are very grateful!

Whoever you are, we want to save you some $ while you enjoy your quilting passion!    Find out how!

Kathy and Geoff Adams

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 Quilters! - Over 10 years of machine quilting service. For our latest news subscribe to our mailing list.  Free delivery for your quilts to and from KoolKat Aust.-wide.  Use our Reply Paid address above - finished quilts sent by Aust. Post with on-line tracking and insured to value of quilting.  Complete machine quilting service - backings, wadding, embroidered quilt labels.  Original quilt patterns by Kathy Adams from our on-line store.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Quilts on Friday

The first quilt has been made by Kathy Adams who is using up her fabric stash to make quilts for sale at the KoolKat Quilting stand at quilts shows coming up soon.  The pink and lavender quilt is from Glennis of Ingham and is being quilted with the daisy chain e2e machine quilting pattern.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thank you for the positive comments on our home page

Following our recent customer survey, a number of customers have made comments which appear in the Recent Comments section on our home page
Thanks everyone for taking the time and trouble, and thanks again also to those who responded to the survey.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thank you Jennifer

Jennifer from Brookfield has been a long standing customer and KoolKat Quilting was delighted when she brought her quilting friends to us.  This is quilt being machine quilted for free with the bountiful feathers e2e machine quilting pattern.  Our offer to reward customers who bring us new clients is still open.

Monday, July 27, 2015

John Deere leads the way

The John Deere quilt is the second from Vicki at Pittsworth and this quilt is for one of her grandsons. It is being quilted with the budget leaf meander e2e machine quilting pattern.  The second quilt is one of two identical quilts from Cheryl at Ipswich who asked for budget patterns for these quilts. Coral from Pittsworth chose the budget meandering leaves e2e for her yellow quilt.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Busy day at KoolKat

Betty from Toowoomba brought the two lap quilts below for which she chose patterns from the budget machine quilting range.  Karla also from Toowoomba brought the small with the panel of numbers, while Peta from Onkaparinga, SA sent the brown star quilt for which KoolKat Quilting chose the paisley e2e machine quilting pattern.  The bottom quilt featuring the Ford F utility trucks was delivered by Vick from Pittsworth, and it is for one of her grandsons.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

KoolKat Customer Satisfaction Survey July 2015

Thank you all who replied.  The survey has now closed.

KoolKat Quilting customer survey July 2015 - summary of results

A 10 question survey was distributed to KoolKat Quilting’s list of email newsletter recipients in late July 2015.  Just over 40 responses were received, and while the sample size is small, the trends emerged early and did not alter significantly during the period that the survey was made available on the website
As this list contains all customers, some of whom may have bought a pattern or fabric only and not engaged our machine quilting service, the first question aimed to sort this group. 

Q2 asked for the respondent’s location, and the survey results are reflective of the location of our customers.

Q3 asked when the last quilt was machine quilted by KoolKat Quilting, and this showed 4 in 10 had a quilt done this year and 4 in 10 either last year or the year before. One in 10 either could not remember or had never had a quilt done by us.
Q4 asked that if no quilt had been done this year, why?  Almost 1 in 3 said they did not have any quilt tops ready for quilting, but just over 1 in 3 said they had either gone to another quilter, did their own or couldn’t afford the service.  Just under 1 in 10 signalled they had stopped quilting, but this may be closer to 1 in 10 as 1 respondent said in a comment, that they were stopping after having 2 done this year by us.

Q5 how our service standards rate.  Nearly 6 in 10 said KoolKat Quilting was much better than our competition, and overall 8 in 10 said we were better.  Just under 1 in 10 rated us the same as the competition, and 1 in 10 said we were worse. 
Q6  how our price level rates.  We are considered much more reasonable in price by 2 in 10, while half of the respondents said we were more reasonable.  Almost a quarter said our price was the same, and just over a quarter said our prices were less reasonable.  However, no-one said “much less reasonable”, which is the opposite end of the scale to the “much more reasonable” result.

Q7 what customers like about KoolKat.  Almost 100% said speed of service, while quality and friendliness received a positive rating by more than 7 in 10 respondents.  One in 3 rated price as competitive.  All options in this question which we consider to be the positive aspects of our service received positive ratings.
Q8 what customers dislike about KoolKat Quilting.  Three in 10 disliked the lack of custom quilting, 2 in 10 disliked the cost of machine quilting.  Nearly half made comments -  all bar one were positive.

Q9 website – generally this was viewed favourably, but few are using the quilt order forms introduced this year.  One person made some informed comments about website construction, which will be reviewed.

Q10 Suggestions.  Seven in 10 said lower prices, 3 in 10 said offer a customer quilting service, and 3 in 10 lower prices for backing and wadding.  Half the respondents made comments.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Linen fabric quilt feature of today's quilts

The first two photos are of a linen fabric quilt from Michelle at Callaghan, NSW.  This is being quilted with the budget meandering leaves pattern.  The next two are jelly roll quilts from Betty of Placid Hills, and these are being quilted in hot pink thread using budget e2e patterns.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hexagonal quilt

Here's an interesting hexagonal quilt from Lyle of Toowoomba.  She asked for the daisy chain e2e machine quilting pattern in an aqua thread for this quilt.  Thank you those who have completed the survey included as a link in yesterday's email newsletter.  We look forward to receiving more surveys today, as the results are both interesting and helpful.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Some recent quilts

The first quilt is from Helen at Mount Isa and this is being quilted in the bohemia e2e machine quilting pattern. Heather from Toowoomba chose the budget meandering leaves pattern for her daughter's quilt which is to be used for a fundraising campaign. The baby quilt with the diagonal lines comes from Lesleigh of Westlake, while Lyn from Dalby dropped off the black and white quilt which will be part of the quilt show at Bell this weekend.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tuesday's quilts at KoolKat

The bright quilt is from Jenny at Toowoomba and is being quilted with the budget ribbon candy e2e machine quilting pattern.  Shaaryn from Nundah sent the black and white quilt and she asked for the loop-d-loop e2e machine quilting pattern.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Today's quilts at KoolKat

The first quilt today is from Janell of Quilpie who adapted Kathy's Thoroughly Modern pattern from a workshop held with Quilpie Quilters Inc. in Quilpie last year..  She asked for the belladonna e2e machine quilting pattern on her quilt.  The second 2 cot quilts have been made by Kathy Adams as turns her stash into saleable quilts ahead of various quilt show stalls KoolKat will be holding later this year. The tow batik quilts are from Maria at Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane, and these are being quilted with the jasmine and fireflies e2e patterns.  The last quilt is from Jennine of Gayndah and has been quilted wit the daisy chain e2e pattern.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Three generations of quilts from Warrnambool, Victoria

Lara's striking Kaffe Fassett fabric quilt from Warrnambool marks the third quilt to arrive from three generations of the one family.  Lara asked for the Yin Yang e2e machine quilting pattern in a mid-tone blue thread. 
Lara's quilt
Due to rising overheads we regret having to increase our set-up fee from $25 to $27.50 per quilt from today. 

Monday, July 06, 2015

Seeing double at KoolKat

The first quilts are two with a Mickey Mouse theme fabrics from Glenda of Toowoomba and these are being quilted with the budget meander e2e machine quilting pattern.  The next two quilts are form a mother and daughter team at Warrnambool, Victoria, the lime quilt is from Andrea and the pink quilt from Cheryl - the lime quilt is being quilted with the daisy chain e2e and the pink quilt with the cute curls e2e.  The Japanese fabric quilt is another quilt from Glenda, and this one is being quilted with the maru bishamon e2e.


Sunday, July 05, 2015

Quilts from west coast to east

The first quilt today is from Di in Toowoomba and her quilt is being done with the budget I Love It trailing hearts pattern.  The batik quit comes from Helen of Beresford, Western Australia, and it being quilted with the fern gully e2e machine quilting pattern.  The applique quilt comes from Hanya of Sinnamon Park, Brisbane, and is being quilted with the paisley playtime e2e.  The drunkard's path quilt comes from Janell of Quilpie, and she asked for the sticky buns e2e pattern.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Charity quilts top today's list

The brown quilt comes from Jilly at Croydon, NSW, and the other 3 are charity quilts from Toowoomba Quilters Inc.  Al quilting comes from our budget quilting range of machine quilting patterns.

Monday, June 29, 2015

KoolKat in APQ Annual 2015.

The Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine 2015 Annual is out now.  One of the feature articles is a review of the inaugural Queens Park Scouts Quilt Show in Ipswich.  KoolKat Quilting was pleased to be invited to participate in this event.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Quilts big and small at KoolKat.

The first quilt today is from Cheryl of Ipswich and she asked for a budget quilting pattern, so we chose the loop-d-loop e2e machine quilting pattern.  The batik quilt is a new design from Kathy Adams, it will feature some applique after quilt with the budget ribbon candy e2e.  The next 3 are cot quilts from Lea at Robina, quilted in various budget patterns.  Oliver's quilt was made by Loretta from Roma who will collect her quilt tomorrow after dropping it off this morning.  This is part of the KoolKat service to our customers from country areas.